Hosts for evening shifts at a shelter for refugees | Utrecht

Hosts for evening shifts at a shelter for refugees

In the Weerdsingel shelter we accommodate a maximum of 20 vulnerable women and men who do not legally reside in the Netherlands. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to be a host and organise activities for residents in our shelter for one evening a week.


  • You work in a team of two volunteers.
  • Evening shifts from 6.45 pm to 10.45 pm.
  • You create a nice ambiance.

What, where and when?

In the Weerdsingel shelter we accommodate a maximum of 20 vulnerable women and men who do not legally reside in the Netherlands. This concerns, for example, asylum seekers whose asylum application has been rejected and illegal migrant workers who are not entitled to shelter provided by the central government. This group is also called ‘undocumented’. We offer help for the most vulnerable.

We provide shelter for these people with the idea that ‘nobody belongs on the street’. However, the Weerdsingel shelter does not provide permanent shelter. We offer people a safe place to unwind and regain their strength. Together with a mentor from Vluchtelingenwerk or STIL Utrecht, we help them the to find a more permanent solution for their situation in the Netherlands or in the country of origin.

The Weerdsingel shelter can only exist with the help of volunteers. There are only a few paid employees: a team manager and four paid social workers who only work during the day.

During the evening shift you can work together with a colleague volunteer. The shift starts at 18.45 with a handover (45 minutes) from the social worker and the shift ends at 22.45 hours. How the evening proceeds is largely due to your own input. You are free to play a game with residents, watch a movie or football, have a chat, practice Dutch / English, etc. For this you will have to dare to show initiative. Meanwhile you open the front door for residents and you welcome them ‘home’, you ensure that you know who is in the house in the evening and at night.

The tasks of the volunteers are:

  •  Opening the door for residents.
  •  Keeping the attendance list (who is in the house).
  •  Giving new residents a welcome feeling at the Weerdsingel.
  •  Supervising and ensuring a pleasant atmosphere at home.
  •  Organising fun activities with the residents.
  •  Supervising that the building is kept clean, addressing residents if they do not clean up their mess.
  •  Informing the residents about their rights and obligations in Utrecht and the Netherlands.
  •  Helping out with small practical questions from the residents (repair a bicycle together, print a route to an appointment or other small questions).

What do you bring?

The most important? That you want to do something for people who are having a hard time. And that you want to stay for at least six months. For our hosts we also ask that you:

  •   Are at least 18 years old.
  •   Have strong personality.
  •   Can stay calm in difficult situations.
  •   Have communicative skills (speaking different languages ​​is a plus).
  •   Can work together.
  •   Do not shun responsibilities.
  •   Want to contribute something for refugees.
  •   Are prepared to work at least 1 evening shift every two weeks, or more.

Would you like to become host at the shelter for refugees?

If you are interested or for more information, please contact Luuk Haagen.
Phone: 06-44006365


“Fijn om er voor de mensen te kunnen zijn”

Samen maken we het verschil

Als vrijwilliger bij de Tussenvoorziening maak jij het leven van de meest kwetsbaren in de samenleving een stukje beter. Je stapt een nieuwe wereld in, je hoort nieuwe verhalen en ontmoet mensen die je anders niet zou ontmoeten. En, niet onbelangrijk, je ontwikkelt nieuwe kwaliteiten van jezelf.

Daarnaast bieden we jou:

  • Goede begeleiding, met aandacht voor veiligheid.
  • Een vast contactpersoon en een team waar je op kunt terugvallen.
  • Trainingen en cursussen passend bij het werk en de locatie.
  • Werkervaring in de maatschappelijke opvang.
  • Een gezellig team, veel humor en, als je daar zin in hebt, teamborrels.